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Imagemaker360 Virtual Tour with Audio

Professional Script and Narration


The new Imagemaker360 Narrated Virtual Tour with Audio features a professionally scripted and narrated audio track with pleasant background music over every 360° virtual image within the Virtual Tour. See below for additional features, benefits and information.

Professionally Scripted and Narrated Virtual Tour Features

An 8- to 12-second professionally scripted and narrated audio track will accompany every 360° image within the Virtual Tour.

Soft, professional background music will accompany each narration.

All reads will be completed by our broadcast-experienced staff announcers.

Narration may be ordered at any time… before or after a Virtual Tour has been completed.

You have complete control over the script and may contribute as little or as much as you like (see Script Tips below).

No “plug-in” is required in order to listen to a Narrated Virtual Tour!

Narrated Virtual Tour Benefits

Industry-wide, media and broadcast professionals agree a well-scripted narration provides the emotional “sell”, enhancing the details provided by the visual images. It is the depth and quality of the script along with the caliber of the announcer's emphasis and voice that help drive the “sale”.

Audio further captures the consumer's attention as it provides an additional dimension, creating a true multi-media presentation.

Consumers are far more willing to view additional images as the expository narration track reduces the “interpretive” energies required to visually decipher moving Internet images.

A Virtual Tour with audio:

  • has greater perceived value to the perspective buyer and seller,
  • is seen as superior to a traditional tour,
  • attaches a greater significance to the property,
  • demands greater viewer attention.

When an agent offers a professionally scripted and narrated audio Virtual Tour, they are recognized as being a complete, comprehensive, and superior service provider.

Audio provides added information about the room featured in the Virtual Tour that cannot be identified by simply looking at the image alone. The serious home buyer can learn more about:

  • flooring, counter-top or cabinet finishing details;
  • whether or not appliances ar e to stay or go, and their age;
  • a view from a particular room; etc.

Audio allows additional, unseen information about the entire property to be mentioned throughout the Virtual Tour, such as:

  • number of rooms;
  • bonus areas--a shop, recreation room or in-law suite;
  • construction details--building materials, amount of insulation.

After listening to the narration audio for just one image, the consumer is more interested in learning more about the home, and will more readily view each image to hear the “complete story.”

The audio can point out a visible property concern and provide a positive spin: “This fixer-upper is worth a second look with its spectacular child-friendly rear yard and fully-accessorized basement shop” ; or seasonal distractions can be addressed, such as when a Virtual Tour shot in winter reveals a yard full of snow: “Come summer the oversized patio and heated, in-ground pool can be a favorite gathering place for family and friends.”

The consumer will adopt the narrated message as their “point of view”. When the announcer suggests that the “the living room's unique floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace will impress every visitor” , that “vision”, once articulated, will often guide the consumer's interpretation of the property.

Our Test Audience overwhelmingly preferred the professionally narrated Audio Tour over the same tour without narration, and over narration provided by non-professional voice talent.

Narrated Virtual Tour Pricing

Pricing varies:

If you are registered on the Imagemaker360 website, you may logon and find pricing details by going to the menu option: “Place an Order”. Enter a zip code for your area, and click on “Continue to Next Step.” On the next page, the “Select a Photographer” section should appear at the top of the page. Click on the “Click Here to See Available Packages” link--all audio packages along with pricing details will then be visible.

If you cannot remember your login/password, or if you have not placed an order before, please contact your local Imagemaker360 Virtual Tour provider for pricing details (you may also contact Imagemaker360 Customer Service for further assistance at 800-852-2871 or ).

Narrated Virtual Tour Ordering


When ordering the Narrated Audio Virtual Tour on-line, you will be instructed to provide either scripting details or the URL of a website that contains the property details. If you do not have the scripting notes prepared or the URL of the listing page is not yet active at the time you place the order, you may provide these at a later date. Once you obtain the scripting information, return to , and select the menu option “Narrated Audio Script Submission Form.” Complete how-to-submit scripting details can be found on this page. We appreciate whatever information you may provide, and the script will benefit from the enriching details only you offer.


When ordering the Narrated Audio Tour via Fax , this feature can be obtained by selecting the box marked “Check Here to Order a Virtual Tour with Audio.” Once scripting notes are prepared, go to: , and click on the menu option “Virtual Tour with Audio Script Submission Form.” Complete how-to-submit scripting details can be found on this page. We appreciate whatever information you may provide, and the script will benefit from the enriching details only you offer.


When ordering a Virtual Tour with Audio by phone, you will need to provide scripting details at a later date. Once scripting notes are prepared, go to: , and click on the menu option “Narrated Audio Script Submission Form.” Complete how-to-submit scripting details can be found on this page. We appreciate whatever information you may provide, and the script will benefit from the enriching details only you offer.

Scripting details are to be submitted in writing unless we are instructed to obtain the information via property details noted on a particular website. At that point, you may call to advise where the information can be found (please have completed details, including the property address, the order ID, the destination URL and any other property information needed for the search).

When Audio is ordered, every 360 ° image of the Virtual Tour order will be scripted and narrated .

While we have endeavored to make this process as clear, easy, and intuitive as possible, the ImageMaker360 Customer Service staff is available from 9AM to 8PM, EST, Monday through Friday at 800-852-2871 to assist with any questions or problems that may arise.

Narrated Virtual Tour Script Tips

As the scriptwriters have not visited the property, they cannot comment on the quality, type, or condition of construction or finishing materials; nor can the scriptwriter speculate on features they cannot actually see in the image, such as property location, hidden construction features, or un-photographed bonus areas. For this reason, the script will be dramatically enhanced if you provide a specific URL address where property information can be found.

You have complete control over what details to showcase…. While all “property description” details you provide with the Virtual Tour order will be given to the scriptwriters, you may:

Choose to have our professionally trained staff write the entire script based on information gleaned from viewing the Virtual Tour images only.

Improve the scripting by providing a specific “link” to a web page where you have created a detailed, written narrative expanding on the most saleable features of the property (listing page).

Opt to provide additional and specific scripting points, preferably on a scene-by-scene (or room-by-room) basis. Offering details that cannot be gathered by the scriptwriter from just viewing the Virtual Tour will be helpful. A more interesting script will result when we are provided with positive, sale-enhancing details when applicable, such as:

  • what a window view overlooks (“the living room bay window overlooks a year ‘round stream and forested park beyond” );
  • details about construction or finishing materials (“Italian tile counters and handcrafted solid Oak cabinetry” ),
  • or details of hidden or un-shot features which may be “sprinkled” within the script (‘there is a complete woodworking shop in the garage, and the basement is finished as an in-law suite” ).

Choose to author the entire narration by providing a completed, three- to four-line script, on a scene-by-scene basis. You may submit a completed script for one or more scenes by going to , and clicking on the menu option “Narrated Audio Script Submission Form”. Complete “How-to-Submit Scripting Details” can be found on this page. Our scriptwriters may need to edit your script for length, grammar, content, or sequencing (the order items appear as the Virtual Tour image rotates around the room).

Our scriptwriters may need to edit scripts for length, grammar, or content.

Each Virtual Tour image narration will run a maximum of 12 seconds.

To accurately time a script segment that you have written, time yourself as you read it out-loud. Read at a slow to moderate speed, enunciating clearly while taking a pause, or breath, at each logical punctuation point. (We all tend to read out loud at a rate much faster than professional narration--the bolded, underlined portion of this segment equals 12 seconds of professional narration. Use a watch with a second hand, and read in your best announcer's voice!). An image narration segment will be, at a minimum, 8 seconds in length.

More importantly, script details can be added that can be targeted specifically for each of the 360-degree room images. For example, your notes could read:

Kitchen – all kitchen appliances are included and are less than two years old. The view from the kitchen window is to a small stream at the back of the property.

Narrated Virtual Tour Completion

Each Virtual Tour is processed and posted within 24 hours of the property shoot; however, the Virtual Tour images must be shot, processed, and placed live on the ImageMaker360 site before the scriptwriters can undertake the narration. When the Virtual Tour is initially completed, the link will feature only the Virtual Tour images for the first 36 hours after posting. If a reasonable amount of notes have been provided, or if there is an indication that no additional notes will be forthcoming, the script will be promptly written and narrated the next morning. If, on the other hand no notes have been provided, our scriptwriters will send you an additional email, this one featuring each Virtual Tour image and a "window" where you may type, or cut-and-paste additional notes or a script for each image. We will wait 72 hours from the time this second email is sent for you to respond. Should you respond with notes before 72 hours have passed, we will write the script as soon as we receive the notes, and voice the tour the following morning (Monday through Friday). If 72 hours passes and you have not submitted additional notes, we will write and voice the best script we can based on the limited information that can be accurately confirmed from just looking at the images. Once the narration is completed, the same URL or "link" that you are using to view the tour will also include the narration. If you have posted this link to other on-line sites, the narration will be heard when the tour is viewed on those sites as well.

Should you attempt to use either of the emails requesting scripting information after the deadlines noted in the bullet point, and if the script writers have already written the script, you will be unable to submit additional notes. Once the script is written, the submission of notes is blocked.

Once the Virtual Tour images have been posted, the narration will be operational within the time frame noted above, (Monday - Friday).

If scripting details are incorrect, it is you responsibility to email corrections to . Corrections will be made within 36 hours of email submission. Please check the tour after this time to make sure the corrections have been made. If you need further assistance, please contact Imagemaker360 Customer Service at: 800-852-2871 or .

Corrections due to misinformation provided, or due to lack of information provided, will be subject to an additional fee.

If the narration is missing, incomplete, or is incorrect, we do not offer refunds but rather we promptly correct any deficiencies.

Website Limitation

If a website does not feature the viewer (i.e., the graphic frame that surrounds the photographs) , then the website will not accept the Narrated Audio portion of the Virtual Tour (if you are unsure, check the URL of a Virtual Tour. If the URL includes the text: that means that the Imagemaker360 viewer is on the website and that the narration feature can be added).

If you are unsure whether the website you wish to post to utilizes the Imagemaker360 viewer, our Customer Service department can make this determination for you.


Dial-Up Connection Delays

Virtual Tour images accessed via a dial-up Internet connection are typically slow loading. When narration has been added, however, it should be noted that the narration will not cause further delay in the image loading time.

On a dial-up connection, in most cases, the narration will begin before the Virtual Tour image appears, thus introducing the visitor to the important features of the property before the visual image begins. This will entertain and maintain the visitors interest as they await the virtual image.

Some dial-up visitors may become impatient while waiting for Virtual Tour images to load, but when a narration is added, this informative and entertaining audio track will help maintain the visitor's interest in the property while the Virtual image loads.

If you are on dial-up, click the link at the top of this page to experience this process.

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